Quick Assessment

Quick Assessment: Gauge Your Coding Skills

Are you ready to begin Part Two of the Code Platoon application? Are you unsure if your coding knowledge is up to par for the coding challenges? Alleviate your concerns with our Quick Assessment. This tool will assess your understanding of the fundamental concepts of JavaScript and help you determine if you are prepared to tackle our coding challenges.

What's This Test All About?

The Assessment is ten multiple-choice questions, each designed to reflect the concepts covered in our coding challenges.

Here's How It Works:

    • Fill out the short form below with your first and last name and email address.

    • Dive into the questions.

    • Get your score – instantly!

Interpreting Your Score:

  • Score 7 - 10: Ready to Advance! You have an understanding of key concepts and are probably prepared for Part Two of the application. Move forward to the coding challenges with confidence.

  • Score 4 - 6: Almost There! It's a good idea to brush up on your coding skills before tackling Part Two of the application. A little extra review will help ensure you're fully prepared for the coding challenges.

  • Score 0-3: Begin at the Basics. We recommend starting with our Intro to Coding course or another foundational coding course. This will help you build the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate through Part Two of the application successfully.

Ready to Find Out Where You Stand?

Get started now! This quick assessment will kickstart your journey towards becoming a tech whiz. We are excited to witness your achievements. Let's get started!