Are you a Veteran, military spouse, or active duty Servicemember eager to embark on a career in software engineering? QuickPass is your fast track to apply for an upcoming  Full-stack Software Engineering Bootcamp. This includes the upcoming Yankee Platoon that starts October 7.

What is QuickPass?

QuickPass is a streamlined training, application, and enrollment process designed to help you prepare for the challenges and technical assessments required for admission into Code Platoon. Here's how it works:

  1. Enroll by August 18: Sign up by August 18 to secure your enrollment in the Summer 2024 QuickPass session. But that's just the beginning!
  2. Join the Sessions: After enrolling in Summer 2024 QuickPass, dive into a three-week training program from August 19 – September 6 that combines lectures and work-study, providing you with essential coding skills and knowledge. This foundation is crucial for your journey into software engineering and ensures you're ready to tackle Code Platoon.
  3. Enrollment Process: While you're mastering the fundamentals, we'll help you navigate the application and enrollment process for Code Platoon. This process includes helping you apply for VA benefits or scholarships.
  4. Technical Assessments: QuickPass participants must submit coding challenges and pass a live technical assessment in order to be admitted to Code Platoon.

Guided by Experts

QuickPass is not a solitary journey. Our experienced Code Platoon instructors will guide you through the lectures and assessments, ensuring you have the support and knowledge you need to succeed. 

Your Spot is Reserved

Completing QuickPass reserves you a spot in your preferred Code Platoon cohort. If you are applying to join Yankee Platoon, please note that the 15-week cohort begins on October 7, 2024, and concludes on January 17, 2025. To find the dates for other upcoming Full-stack Software Engineering cohorts, check out our Program Dates and Deadlines.

Take advantage of this opportunity to fast-track your career in software engineering. Enroll by August 18, roll up your sleeves, and let's embark on this journey together. Your future as a software engineer is just around the corner.